Benefits and Services


The Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative has the principle aim of promoting and protecting the common interests of its members, notably by:

  • Uniting members along regional lines, structuring their organizations and promoting their effectiveness with a view to protecting and favouring to the greatest extent possible their cooperative and socio-economic interests;
  • Encouraging professional training and cooperative education among members;
  • Providing its members with the means, services of a professional nature and expertise used in the conditioning and commercialization of maple, honey or cranberry products on the national and international stage.

In addition, Citadelle is:

  • An association, open to all, founded on the principle of voluntary membership;
  • Members collectively assume their responsibilities as entrepreneurs;
  • Co-owner/members are also the users;
  • A business whose ultimate goal is to optimize the many benefits members are entitled to as entrepreneurs, users and members of a community;
  • A business whose rules guarantee members equal standing in the exercise of their powers as well as fairness in the division of their contributions and the sharing of results;
  • A business that ensures the democratic powers of its members;
  • A business that favours inter-cooperation to develop its interests and contribute to the flourishing of its community;
  • A business active in the maple, honey and cranberry producing industries;
  • A business that makes education one of its essential functioning mechanisms, notably through the sharing of knowledge and information.


Here is a list of services the Cooperative provides for its members:

  • Fire and theft insurance (syrup);
  • Galvanized and stainless steel barrels and folding wood crates;
  • Delivery and pick-up of barrels and folding wood crates;
  • Verification and adjustment of instruments (hydrotherm, refractometer, thermometer);
  • Syrup sample verification;
  • Cooperative training for new members;
  • Training for members and representatives;
  • Technical support by way of visits to producer’s operations and by written or telephone communications;
  • Verification of HACCP norms;
  • Cooperative education;
  • Regional network of representatives;
  • Information tour by representatives;
  • Meetings with members;
  • Meetings with the network of depot agents and cleaning facilities;
  • Members meetings;
  • Publishing of the “Le coopérateur CITADELLE” and “Supplément technique” newsletters, memory aids and letters of commitment;
  • Subscription to the “Le Coopérateur agricole” magazine;
  • Citadelle calendar;
  • Members website and extranet;
  • Site web Délices Érables & Cie;
  • Online retail sales website.