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Cooperative history

1925 - 1950

In the early 1920s, Quebec’s maple industry was in disarray. Quebec producers were powerless against business interests that controlled the market and offered a meager 4¢ to 5¢ per pound – “take it or leave it.” To address the problem Quebec’s minister of agriculture asked Cyrille Vaillancourt, head of the apiculture and maple syrup department, to find a solution. In collaboration with the Coopérative Fédérée de Québec, the Coopérative was officially formed in 1924.


Official incorporation of the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. On May 2, 102 producers from Dorchester and Mégantic counties associate to form a united front against a buyers’ monopoly whose demands threaten market stability. Together, they put in place structures for collecting, storing, and marketing maple syrup.


Signing of the first U.S. sales contract with an agent, John G. Paton & Co. Inc. (August, 1927).


Largest single sale to this day outside the country takes place, an order originating in England. In the same year, a new product is developed at the Plessisville plant: maple butter, the only product of its kind that is certified pure.


Two of the Cooperative’s national brands earn distinction: Citadelle for its lighter-coloured, flavourful products and CAMP brand with its darker colour and more pronounced maple flavour.


Introduction of a new kind of maple syrup with a stronger maple flavour known as Maple Concentrate.


The Producteurs de Sucre d’érable de Québec celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

1951 - 2000


Maple syrup is now sold in 26 oz. cans instead of gallon containers.


Citadelle products are honoured at the Brussels International Exhibition, which contributes to the brand’s growing awareness.


The city of Paris organizes the world’s first international food exhibition. It is also the first time that Citadelle and CAMP products are showcased on such an enormous stage.


In April, Citadelle products go on sale during the Ideal show in England. The Cooperative’s products enjoy a surge of popularity in the UK.


On November 30, the Honourable Cyrille Vaillancourt, the Cooperative’s founder and manager, passes away at age 77.


As part of official foreign visits and as symbol of Canada, the federal government purchases and gives out Citadelle gift boxes.


The Cooperative moves its head office to Plessisville from its former Desjardins Building location in Lévis.


Founding of the International Maple Syrup Institute in collaboration with industry representatives from Canada and the U.S.


A Japanese TV crew records sugaring off footage destined for the airwaves on Tokyo television.


In collaboration with the International Maple Syrup Institute, creation of a logo that allows consumers to identify pure, authentic products at a glance.


Installation of 24 stainless steel maple syrup storage reservoirs for the maintenance of consistent quality.


Kosher certification obtained enabling development of new markets.


We join the North American Maple Syrup Council / Conseil Nord-Américain du Sirop d’Érable as the member representing Quebec.


Creation of Les Produits Restigouche inc. in Nouveau-Brunswick in collaboration with the Maple Syrup Producers of New Brunswick.

ISO 9002 certified, a first for a maple processor.


Creation of Les Produits de l’érable du Témis inc. involving a group of producers from the Témiscouata area.


We adopt a new corporate designation: Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative.


Acquisition of Les Produits d’érable Beaudry inc. and Produits Tradition Internationale inc.


Installation of 14 new reservoirs giving the Cooperative the world’s biggest maple syrup storage capacity.


During the summer Citadelle holds a day-long open house to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its founding.

2001 - TODAY


Construction of a new warehouse in Plessisville enabling leading edge processing and commercialization that meet the industry’s highest standards.


In January, CFIA (the Canadian Food Inspection Agency) grants HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification to Citadelle’s Shady Maple Farms Ltd. Division in La Guadeloupe (Beauce region).

A new Canadian Maple Delights bistro-boutique opens on June 26 at 84 rue St-Paul in the heart of Old Montreal, a popular tourist area. The cooperative also launches tertiary production with new products that offer significant growth opportunities on international markets.


Market introduction of Shady Maple Farms Ltd. products including thick syrup, maple butter and maple taffy that does not crystalize on the shelf.


Major transaction leading to acquisition of Shady Maple Farms Ltd.


Canadian Maple Delights opens a bistro-boutique in early June at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.


Acquisition of all assets of Cleary’s Maple Products.

Inauguration of a new tertiary transformation plant, a first in the maple industry.


Opening of New Maple Delights store in Quebec and two museums ( Montreal and Quebec) .


The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada chooses three sites, one of which is the Coop’s Plessisville facility, in designating maple products to be of national historic significance.


Acquisition of Smokey Kettle Inc. in Ontario and La Coulée d'Abbotsford and merger with the Société Coopérative agricole des apiculteurs du Québec.


The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada unveils a plaque at our head office commemorating the importance of maple syrup production in the country’s history.


Acquisition of the La Maison Bergevin inc. cranberry processing plant in Quebec.


Canadian Maple Delights products are now available online.


Development of a cranberry processing plant in Aston-Joncton.


Open day to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the cooperative.