About Us

Mission, Quality Policy and Values


We are a Canadian producers' cooperative that develops and markets only the highest quality, pure maple, honey and cranberry products on a global scale.

Quality policy

Citadel's quality policy is to transform and commercialize first-quality 100% pure maple, honey and cranberry products, so that they adequately meet the needs of customers and regulations assuring, Among other things, food security according to standards recognized by GSFI.

CITADELLE also relies on the capabilities of its human resources to assure the complete satisfaction of its customers. Team work and innovation, managing to prevent non-compliance, continuous improvement, mastery of processes, vigilance respecting food safety and the development of new products are all responsibilities of our employees, and are all carried out in live with the tenets of sustainable development.



Valuing teamwork means paying careful attention to promoting healthy, transparent communication. While developing a sense of ownership, teamwork demonstrates how we are stronger working together, and how we can work in the spirit of cooperation towards a common goal.


The pursuit of quality guides our actions and challenges our abilities in offering products and services that become the standard for quality in the industry.


This value makes us accountable for our actions, from the beginning of the process to the end. It is synonymous with fairness, honesty, propriety and transparency.


At Citadelle, respect is embodied in all our dealings with coworkers, members, customers, primary materials and the environment. Respect for us is a question of attitude and of attentiveness.


For Citadelle, we express our leadership through the fostering of cooperation, the quest for excellence, the pursuit of steady progress and through our energetic involvement in the industry.


At Citadelle, ongoing innovation is a major pillar of our business strategy. Our members, staff and customers all have a place in our innovation strategy, which in turn becomes a significant competitive advantage.

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