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New to Maple Delights & Co.!

The Citadelle family welcomes a whole new line of honey products

Maple Delights & Co. is a huge selection of gourmet maple, honey and cranberry products that offer the taste buds a totally unique experience

Available throughout the Maple Delights Bistros & Shoppes network, the brand features 100% pure honey products of unparalleled quality.  

Creamy Honey   Creamed Honey Churned Honey

A churned honey with a thick, creamy texture that’s perfect for spreading.  


Canada No 1 White Liquid Honey

A completely natural substitute for white sugar.


Maple Honey

A blend of 100% pure honey and 100% pure maple syrup. Delicious as a glaze for root vegetables.  


Thai-Flavoured Honey

100% pure flavoured honey inspired by the tastes of Thailand. Indispensable in Asian stir fries.