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Why Citadelle

Building on our longstanding twin commitments to uphold the purest traditions of our craft and serve as an international leader in our industry, we have worked together to develop a truly impressive maple, honey and cranberry products organization.

Each day we proudly do our best to uphold our mission and raise the bar for product quality and refinement.

Why Citadelle leads the world in maple syrup production:

  • Citadelle is the world's largest supplier of 100% pure maple syrup.
  • We collect sap from over 7 million maple trees across Canada.
  • Citadelle maple syrup is 100% natural and completely unrefined, retaining the sap's vitamins and nutrients.
  • Making the most of innovative, all-natural-maple-syrup products.
  • A year-round supply of maple syrup.
  • Top-notch, consistent qualité - year after year.
  • Citadelle's liquid gold puts green first.

Our corporate signature reflects the essence so deeply ingrained in our core: we are producers of pure innovation.

2100, Saint-Laurent, C.P. 310
Plessisville (Quebec) Canada G6L 2Y8
Phone : (819) 362-3241
Fax: (819) 362-2830

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Printed : April 21, 2014