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Mission, Quality policy and Values

The mission of CITADELLE Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative

The Cooperative is committed to fairness in its dealings with members and customers. It is also committed to the pursuit of excellence in the production, transformation and worldwide promotion and marketing of only the purest, highest quality products. Dedicated to carrying out its activities sustainably, it values the expertise of its people, its capacity for innovation and its respect for the environment in all its undertakings.

Quality Policy

CITADELLE’s quality policy consists of transforming and commercializing first-quality maple, honey and cranberry products in a way that satisfies the needs of its clients and all food safety regulations in accordance with SQF  standards.CITADELLE also relies on the capabilities of its human resources to assure the complete satisfaction of its customers. Team work and innovation, managing to prevent non-compliance, continuous improvement, mastery of processes, vigilance respecting food safety and the development of new products are all responsibilities of our employees, and are all carried out in line with the tenets of sustainable development.


Our Organizational Values


Applying this value means striving every day to communicate in a healthy and transparent way. Doing this develops our sense of belonging. It shows us that we are stronger together and all working toward a common goal.


This value guides our actions and leads us to develop the skills needed to offer products and services that are the benchmark for the industry.


This value means that we are directly accountable for our actions, from the beginning of the process to the end. For us, it is synonymous with honesty, fairness, and transparency.


At CITADELLE, respect colors each of our interactions with our colleagues, members, customers, and even raw materials and the environment. For us, it shows in our attitudes and in the way we listen.


For CITADELLE, leadership is a value that comes out in our promotion of cooperation, our pursuit of excellence, our search for constant progress, and our active involvement in the industry.


At CITADELLE, unceasing innovation is a pillar of our corporate strategy. Our members, employees, and customers are at the heart of our innovation strategies, helping us maintain our competitive advantage.

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Printed : April 25, 2014