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12 Jul 2010 - Historic recognition and Panthéon de la Performance Award

At an April 2008 press conference, Parks Canada announced that the Citadelle factory in Plessisville has been named as a site of significance in the history of maple production in Canada. On April 30, 2010 the plaque, which is to be installed at the cooperative’s head office, was officially unveiled. The plaque recognizes the efforts of past and current contributors who over the years and continuing today built Citadelle’s reputation as a proud bearer around the world of our national symbol, the maple leaf.

Since its constitution as a cooperative in 1925, Citadelle has never stopped producing and marketing on a global scale premium quality maple products that respond to the needs of customers worldwide. This national award, presented by the Government of Canada to recognize the historic importance of maple production and, by the same token, Citadelle’s contribution to the maple industry, is a distinct honour of which the cooperative and its members can be enormously proud. 

Let’s celebrate this accomplishment and continue with our good work.

The following text appears on the plaque:


“Known and valued by Aboriginal peoples long before the arrival of European settlers, products from sugar maple trees have a rich history in Canada. Their production and trade have played an important role in the economy of the Maple Belt, notably by providing supplementary income that helped ensure the survival of many family farms. After breaking into the international market in 1929, Canada became the world’s leading maple products producer and exporter. With the tradition of sugaring-off in the spring, maple syrup symbolizes the end of winter and is associated with Canada’s national identity and way of life at home and abroad.” 



On May 14, 2010, CITADELLE received the Panthéon de la Performance 2010 award in the “Large Corporation” category from the Bois-Francs/Érable regional Chamber of Commerce.

In this category, winners were selected using the following criteria:


a) Achievements (10 %)

b) Performance (50 %)

c) Quality of management (10 %)

d) Customer service (10 %)

e) Social responsibility (5 %)

f) Marketing strategy (10 %)

g) Awards received (5 %)

h) External markets (manufacturers only) (10% bonus)

 Congratulations to all our members and staff!
Historic recognition

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