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Temperatures of Derived Products

Maple sap can be used to make maple syrup—and much more.

Maple syrup is ready when it reaches a temperature of 4°C (7.2°F) above the boiling point of water.

Temperatures Products
123.9°C / 255°F Granulated sugar
120°C / 248°F Very hard sugar
117.7°C / 243.8°C Hard sugar
114.4°C / 237.9°C Maple taffy or soft sugar
113.8°C / 236.8°C Maple taffy on snow
112°C / 233.6°C Maple butter / Spread
104°C / 219.2°F Maple syrup
100°C / 212°F Boiling point of water

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Printed : April 24, 2014